Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This week at Grae's school its Camping week! Grae and I enjoyed making smore snacks for all of his friends yesterday. Today we got a bunch of really neat bugs from the store and tied a ribbon on each bug for all of his friends. He is pretty fired up about that. I can't wait to hear about his day when he comes home tomorrow. Grae helped me clean out some old wrapping items and realized very quickly that the wrapping rolls would make great swords. He told me I was like the Tiger from Kung Fu Panda...I will take that as a compliment. Will cooed even more today! He smiles the minute he wakes up in the morning. What a wonderful way to start the day! Will and I cuddled before bedtime while Landon and Grae fell fast asleep on the couch...this seems to be their nightly routine these days!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My sweet boys! I treasure everyday I spend with them. I can not even remember life without them. Its funny how life has a way of saving the best things for last. I never thought I could love as much as I do now. My sweet husband...words can not express how I truly feel about him. He has taught me so much in our four years of marriage and I have become a better person for knowing him. His gentle spirit and tender touch heals even the worst of days. God was so good when he gave Grae and Will a daddy like Landon. They have know idea how lucky that really are! My precious Grae...everday is a good day with Grae! He is my sunshine that brightens every room he enters. He is outgoing and joyful like his mama and sweet and tender like his daddy. (Not to mention he is a spitting image of Landon) Such a handsome boy! I can not wait to begin writing about all of his daily adventures. He has a beautiful imagination that always keeps us laughing. My precious Grae, I love you as big as a rocket ship! My adorable Will, how complete you have made us feel. You have filled the hole we never knew we had. You make me slow down every morning and remind me how great God really is. It is like unwrapping a present every morning when I wake you from your bed. My precious Will, you are loved more than you could even imagine.

Thank you Jesus for my sweet family. Thank you for picking me to be Landon's wife and for giving me two healthy and precious boys. Thank you for showing me how to love like know else can.