Monday, November 21, 2011

In a matter of 10 minutes...

In a matter of ten minutes at the Webb house this is what happened...

Momma Webb (yours truly) beat everyone at Monoply. Grae cried and then feel back and hit his head. Kids brushed their teeth and Will said his tummy hurt. Finished brushing their teeth and they both punched each other, tattled and then asked to sleep together. In the meantime, Landon ran in the house to grab his gun and asked if I would come out and kick the chicken coupe at one end to make a possum come out. So, I did what every good wife would do and put my rubber boots on. Ran out right before it started pouring down rain and kicked the door till the possum (which could double as a wolf) ran out. Landon shot and wounded it but had to finish it with a fence post. It started pouring down rain. I ran inside and Will is running around the corner yelling "Mom, there is a Tomato (tornado) coming!!"

What just happened?

Good Night. :)