Friday, November 28, 2008

Cowboy going to church

So handsome!

Sweet Boy!

A few weeks ago Grae picked out his outfit for church. I have been meaning to post the pictures for awhile adorable. He was so proud of his chaps!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Playing Snap!

We got Grae a couple new card games. Anyone that knows us well knows we LOVE to play cards as a family. Landon played Gin during our entire dating life and engagement and haven't stopped playing since! So, we were really excited when Grae got old enough enought o play "Go Fish" and another game I hadn't heard of, "SNAP!" Very simple and easy. Today Landon left to go hunting so Grae and I snyggled in with Will watching to play some card games on the couch. Here how our conversation went.
Grae: Mom, can we play SNAP!?
Me: Sure! Grab a blanket and lets play on the couch.
Grae: Just me and you?
Me: Yep, just me and you
Grae: Can someone else play with us too?
Me: Who?
Grae: God and Jesus...I bet they like to play SNAP!. Since its their birthday. (We have been talking about the meaning of Christmas)
Me: Grae I bet they love to play SNAP. Lets let them watch while we play.
Grae: Ok. They can watch me beat you.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Treasured Nest Party!

A special Thank You to Susan, Aven and Cami for making this party so great! Susan, you are always a gracious host and have such a wonderful gift of making others feel welcome. Here are a few pictures from the other day. I had a great time with everyone and have loved seeing everyone with their bling on!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Will in his new Jumparoo!

We finally found something that is action packed for Will. This child is so active that he gets bored with even the coolest of toys! So, I brought out the big guns with the "Barn Jumparoo". This thing has enough gadgets and thingamajigs to keep him busy. This is his second time in the barnyard and he finally started to get the hang of it! Cracked us up!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My punkins in the Pumpkins!

Here is the best I could do this year as far as the pumpkin patch goes...our local farmers market!

Landon has been working every weekend so I decided if I wanted pictures of the boys with the pumpkins I better venture out on my own! :) Here are a few pics of our day! The boys were precious and both very patient. As well as the guys that worked there...looking at me from a far as I made a compelte idiot of myself...dancing around to get Will and Grae to smile at the same time. Seriously...that is a true art!!!