Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sweet PaPaw

Sweet pawpaw and my Gramma came over for dinner the other night. Grae could not get enough of Gramma and would have liked to make her a home in his closet. I am pretty sure he told her she could have the top bunk if she wanted it. My dad looks great and feels awesome! God has been so good to him and to us. He has allowed us more years with our precious pawpaw! I really couldn't imagine life without him and his sweet smile!

Love you daddy!


Words of Wisdom by Grae Webb #1

Grae: Mom, last night I got scared.
Me: Of what?
Grae: of the piggies
Me: The piggies just come around to eat the grass. They won't hurt you.
Grae: but the piggies came in a rocket ship and landed in my room. Last night...
Me: Really?
Grae: Uh, huh. Last night they did.
Grae: Mom, can I shoot them and make piggie soup?

Ok...Grae has a really big imagination. He always keeps me entertained! I am pretty sure Landon got himself a hunting partner. By the way "last night" doesn't really mean last night. It could be last week, a month ago...or just plain never happened.
And yes...we actually do have about 30 wild hogs that bless us with their presence on a daily basis.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last Minute Slumber Party

When all the boys going hunting...the girls have a slumber party!! Cami, Alisha and I and our kids got together for a last minute slumber party after realizing we were all at home on a Friday night with nothing to do! After taking the kids to the park we all came back to my house and played! the kids had a great time and Grae's room was proof of that! After the kids settled down for bed us girls stayed up and watched a chick flick! It was was like I was in college again. Wow...I have never had more fun sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Not to mention that we stayed up until 3am talking...we all paid for that the next day! Thanks girls for a great night...I am pretty sure that is my latest night since having kids! :)


Halloween Memories

With Halloween fast approaching I can't help but remember how cute Grae looked in his costume last year. Thought I would post some pics as I laugh everytime I look at them!


The wedding everyone heard about...

Here are some pics from Zac and Lindsey's wedding! For those of you that don't know...Zac is Landon's cousin and Lindsey is my cousin. We set them up on a blind date about a year and a half ago and they got married on August 30th. We should go into the match making business! The wedding was beautiful and my sweet Grae was the ring bearer. Will...of course was adoarble too!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Cooking with Grae

Grae and I make a snack for his friends at school every Sunday evening. This past Sunday we made Chocolate coverd strawberries with sprinkles. We will sooo do this again because after I melted the chocolate Grae was able to do everything else on his own. He was so proud!