Friday, October 31, 2008

Wonders of Will #1

Our amazing Will is trying new things everyday! He showed several signs early on that he wasw a little ahead of his age but it is now really starting to show. I kept thinking to myself..."Wow, I don't remember Grae doing that that early?" Then my close friends and family started noticing very early that he had really good coordination and was able to concentrate on something until he acheived whatever it is he set out to do!

It was very apparent the other night at our small group bible study when I caught my sweet friend Alisha staring at him. I looked at her and she said, "Is he always like this?" Yep, always busy organizing his toys from one end of the room to the other and switching out chew toys as if they got old like chewing gum. Then, up on all fours crawling across the room. At only 5 MONTHS! I know he is not the first but come on...I am not ready for that yet! Alisha couldn't beleive his hand/eye coordination. What can I say...he's a genius! :) He defintely keeps us on our toes and provides countless hours of free entertainment. Put Will on the floor and as T-O would say, "Get your popcorn ready!"


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cookies with Mimi

Our sweet and precious Mimi came over to bake cookies with Grae for his class this week. What a fun time and great memory! When our Mimi makes cookies they are not just any cookies...they are the REAL deal! Grae was so proud to take them to his friends on Monday! When he got home from Monday afternoon he said his friends liked the cookies but his teachers "really really" liked the cookies.

Thank you Mimi for just being who you are. Day in and day out you are always true to yourself. You are such a sweet example for my children and for me. What a blessing mom's are in general but to have a mom like you is so rare. Thank you being rare a bird! wink wink! :)


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The sweetest words I have ever heard...

Tonight, after the boys took their bath and got their pajama's on we all sat in our bedroom floor to talk and wind down for bed. As I was making a fool of myself to Will, Grae looked at me and said..............
Grae: Mom, you're mine right?
Me: Of course I am yours! I will always be your mommy.
Grae: I am glad you are mine. And Daddy is mine and Baby Will is mine. They will always be mine too, right?
Me: Yes, always
Grae: Mom, I love you as big as the star.
Me: I love you as big as the moon.
Grae: That's big mom

It is conversations like this that I wish I could record into my memory for the years to come. While Grae has already begun to wipe off my kisses and roll his eyes when I am "not cool" I know I am his one and only mom. That is so big when you think about being someone's one and only. As sappy as this sounds I know I will be thankful later on that I recorded such sweet words from my 3 yr old.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Dentist Appointment

I have been talking to Grae about his dentist appointment in the morning. After talking to him this week this is what he came up with.

Mom: Grae, what is the dentist going to do tomorrow?
Grae: He is going to look at my teeth. Then he is going to get his tools and build a big bridge in my mouth with a hammer.
Mom: Really?
Grae: Yep, I will have a big bridge in my mouth.

Wow, needless to say he must have been day dreaming as I went over what the dentist was like. He has been promised a day with his Winnie if he is good. I am sure he will be on his best behavior!!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Words of Wisdom by Grae Webb #4

We recently had a new fireplace put in our living room. Grae has already begun to imagine all the fun things we can do with the fireplace. Out of everything he has said this is my favorite!

Grae: Mom, will you buy me an arrowbow? (Bow and Arrow)
Me: Sure, but remember it will be apart of your Halloween costume as the hunter.
Grae: Ok...but will you get it for me now?
Me: Next time we go to the store I will get it for you.
Grae: Ok...well we need to hurry because I need to shoot some piggies and make piggie soup in our new fireplace.

His plans are apparently WAY bigger than mine. :) *Just a side note: We have about 30 wild hogs that roam our property on a daily basis. Landon found his best hunting buddy in Grae. :)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Words of Wisdom by Grae Webb #3

Landon and Grae go on a walk EVERYDAY to the back of our property. I can't remember the last day they missed their walk together. Landon always calls for Grae at the front door and Grae comes running cause he knows what time it is. We keep his rubber boots by the front door and Grae throws them on as quickly as possible always scared Landon will go without him. (Although Landon has never left him before?) Anyways, they went on their daily walk Sunday night and when they got back checking the deer feeder Grae told me something so cute!!

Grae: Mom! Mom! Loooook!
Me: What!?!
Grae: I have this corn from the feeder and I am going to plant it in the ground.
Me: Really? And....
Grae: I will cover it with dirt, pat on it and water it. Then the sun will come out and it will grow grow grow real big.
Me: Wow Grae, that's right! It will!
Grae: Yea, and then I will pick raisens off of it.

Where raisens came from I am not sure? :)


Words of Wisdom by Grae Webb #2

Grae: Mom, thanks for my dinner. I like corn.
Me: You are very welcome...go sit down at the table.
Grae:, dad are you coming? We have to throw the prayer. (meaning: say the prayer)
Grae: Everybody be quiet and hold hands. I will throw the prayer.
Thank you God for the food and for Ruby. (our dog) Thank you for mommy and daddy and baby Will. Thank you for my friends and for time out at school. Thank you for the new fireplace and for Fran-risco. (Fransciso is the worker that rocked our new gas fireplace. Him and Grae became buddies) Thanks you for God and Jesus...God and Jesus...God and Jesus. AMEN!

Saying the prayer before dinner is the highlight of my evening. I never know what is going to be on Grae's heart each night. I love it!


The boys playing catch...

Will and Grae played together in Grae's room. Grae would throw the ball to Ruby and Will would laugh uncontrollably. Not much makes Will laugh so of course we ate this up. Ruby and Grae are by far Will's favorites at the moment!! I took these adorable pictures.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sweet Will

This picture is so sweet I had to share it! I love you Will! Thank you to Amanda,Suzanne and Moi who show him a lot of LOVE!