Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yeah Baby!

Any mother can tell you that when her child begins to talk for the first time it is such a joyous moment! Seeing their sweet little facial expressions and the way they form their lips to sound out just one litte word. Our little William has been a character since birth and has continued to build his "character" as we like to call it over the past 22 months. He is finally coming around to making sentences but short ones. As his mother I just have to say that he gets his point across by using just two simple words. He is so smart! ;) For example, No Ruby...No Bubba...No chicks...etc. But my all time favorite sentence yet was from this morning. It was apparently a glorious moment for Will. He stood back gazing at the fridge as I slowly opened it. There...on the second shelf stood his milk waiting in his beautiful sippy cup. (This has to be what he was thinking.) The minute I picked up the cup and turned to look at him he yelled as loud as he could while motioning his hand in a fist downward, "YEAH BABY!!!!" If that's all that it takes we are in good shape. Oh man, I love that kid!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Daisy Picker

Well after several conversations between Landon and I we finally decided to start Grae in T-ball this year. He was so excited and so were we! The best part is that his sweet uncle Josh is the assistant coach and will be his best teacher. So I went out got the pants, the glove, the batting gloves (which are very important ;) and mixed in with a few hand me downs we were ready to go! After practicing at home I just knew Grae would be great! While he is the youngest on the team, he seemed to be picking it up pretty quickly. So, the first practice rolled around and Will came down with a fever so Landon and Grae went on without us. 2 hours later they came walking in the door. I knew from the look on Landon's face something went down at practice. Grae went off and had his shower and then went on to bed. Landon came and sat down on the couch with me...put his hand on my knee...sighed and said, "Well, honey we have the daisy picker of the team." I couldn't believe it! (Well I kind of could ;)He then went on to tell me that while Grae played in the outfield not only did he enjoy picking the weeds he thought it would be appropriate to act like a chicken (motions and sounds included) His team mates close by didn't appreciate that so they "kindly" told him to shut up. I was dying laughing listening to Landon talk about our little daisy picker like that. He just kept shaking his head and saying, should have seen him! I thought the story was over when Landon said after the huddle and yelling GO DODGERS Grae made a special trip over to Coach Carey to tell thanks and to give him a big hug. Of course as the mom I see my precious tender hearted Grae...such a lover but Landon had a talk with Grae on the way home to discuss fist bumps and high fives with the coaches...lets pass on hugs with coaches and save those for our momma. I am still laughing writing this as I can picture it as though I was there. Oh my litte Daisy I love you!!!

We had our second practice today and he was much improved! No daisy picker tonight! We are so proud of you Grae!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Starting up again...

Life has changed with Will becoming a a true toddler and typing on the computer has become a true art with 2 kiddos under the age of 5! I am determined to at least attempt to record some of their precious memories in writing before I forget them. For those of you that have given up on me ever writing another blog...I apologize. Especially to my friend Stacey who recently encouraged me to start back up! It took me a few weeks but here I go. :)
So we have decided to combine the boys birthday parties this year as this may be the only year I can get away with it. I can't believe our little peanut is going to be 2 and our Grae-man is going to be 5! This just can't be?? While getting a registration form for next year from the preschool the director Debbie only gave me one form. I laughed and said, I have 2 boys remember. She looked at me and realized she would have to be the one to break the news. Grae will be in "big kid" school next year, Sarah. I pushed back the tears as I realized that not only would he be at a different school but the days during the week would no longer be "ours". That is the part that breaks my heart the most. But, good news is that Will and I will be getting some one on one time that we have never had before. I am looking forward to having him to myself!
On the way to school this morning Grae told me that he knew what to do if the girls wanted to kiss him on the playground. (He sounded very serious) I asked what...and he said he would run and hide. He said that his daddy told him he used to be chased by girls all the time because he was so handsome and that he had to run and hide. (So something Landon would say) Grae said that he would pick out his hiding spots today when the girls weren't around so that he would know where to run when the time came. I told him I thought this was the greatest idea he had ever had and that I STRONGLY supported him. He smiled and a few minutes later said, "mom...i think I am gonna have a probelm with the girls. I am a lot more handsome than daddy!" I laughed till it hurt. The kid has got a point...although he looks just like his daddy! Oh my, I have no idea what I am in for.