Sunday, November 23, 2008

Playing Snap!

We got Grae a couple new card games. Anyone that knows us well knows we LOVE to play cards as a family. Landon played Gin during our entire dating life and engagement and haven't stopped playing since! So, we were really excited when Grae got old enough enought o play "Go Fish" and another game I hadn't heard of, "SNAP!" Very simple and easy. Today Landon left to go hunting so Grae and I snyggled in with Will watching to play some card games on the couch. Here how our conversation went.
Grae: Mom, can we play SNAP!?
Me: Sure! Grab a blanket and lets play on the couch.
Grae: Just me and you?
Me: Yep, just me and you
Grae: Can someone else play with us too?
Me: Who?
Grae: God and Jesus...I bet they like to play SNAP!. Since its their birthday. (We have been talking about the meaning of Christmas)
Me: Grae I bet they love to play SNAP. Lets let them watch while we play.
Grae: Ok. They can watch me beat you.



Heather said...

Sweet! I'm sure God & Jesus will love to watch him beat his mom! :) That is so precious - our kids are one of the best forms of entertainment!

Stacey said...

Love it!!! Competitive already.