Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Will in his new Jumparoo!

We finally found something that is action packed for Will. This child is so active that he gets bored with even the coolest of toys! So, I brought out the big guns with the "Barn Jumparoo". This thing has enough gadgets and thingamajigs to keep him busy. This is his second time in the barnyard and he finally started to get the hang of it! Cracked us up!


Mrs. Davis said...


This is absolutely adorable!!!
And he looks like he's going to have a bunch of fun in his new jumparoo!!! : )

Mrs. Davis said...

Here is the link to my pics of Will:


Stacey said...

Girl, some things are worth the money. You feel ridiculous buying it at the time, but when you see the joy it brings the kids, or when it gives you 10 minutes to get something done.... it is worth it! huh?

So cute! I love his gurgle noises.

Carissa Haynes said...

Too cute!! Drew will have to "borrow" it next time we are at your house to see if he will like it enough for me to buy it ;)