Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas with our Mia and John!

We had such a wonderful time with Landon's parents Christmas day. After opening the boys gifts and stockings from Santa we headed down the road to spend the day with Mia and John and Holli, KC and Tatum(Landon's sister and husband and our precious Niece). We were pleasently surprised when Gank pulled up the same time we did! After the kids played the Wii for a little while we opened presents. We only gave gifts to the kids and we had them open each present one at a time. I loved watching Grae as Tatum opened her presents and he would oooh and awww and tell her how pretty everything was. Will didn't care too much about opening anything but loved everything once unwrapped! He got so many wonderful things and has played with all of them since we got home. While Grae liked everything he opened over the past couple of days he was really hoping for a certain present. If ANYONE asked him what he wanted for Christmas he would always always say the same thing. "I want a blue power wranger suit and helmet and a mote control truck" He would also make sure to use his hands as he talked and motion around his head and body and he said helmet and suit. So funny. He knew just what he wanted! So...when he opened the power ranger suit and helmet he about went crazy. Then...when he unwrapped the Hulk hands and Hulk face...he was completely overwhelmed! It just doesn't get much better than Power Rangers and the Hulk!! (I do this boy thing so much better than I thought I would! I love it!) Thank you Mia and John for such a special time. The kids loved it and you did so much. We love you!


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