Monday, December 29, 2008

Webb Family Christmas

I am going to write about 2 very special Webb Christmas's we do each year. The first is with the entire Webb Family...which includes the famous Ganky (Landon's Grandma). All of the grandkids and great grandkids adore her. She is 81 going on 50. She still gets in the floor and plays with all of the kids and as you can see in the pictures she has no shame in beating up on any of them! She made an excellent Hulk. Grae had such a good time playing good guy/bad guy with her shile wearing his power ranger suit. She has carved out her own special place in his heart. Our sweet uncle Danny was Santa this year and had all of the dirt on all the grandkids. It is always so funny to see the pure shock on their faces when Santa list the "not so good" items on the list. For example, Santa told Grae that he made the good list this year but that he really needed to stop dropping trough in the middle of God's creation to use the bathroom. While it is appropriate to pop a squat while hunting with Daddy it is not so appropriate to drop our pants in the church parking lot. Grae looked at me and his daddy and said, "I can't go potty outside?" He really didn't see what the big deal was? We were of course laughing histerically. Then Santa gave each child a few presents and left on his four wheeler into the night. We had such a good time!


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