Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yeah Baby!

Any mother can tell you that when her child begins to talk for the first time it is such a joyous moment! Seeing their sweet little facial expressions and the way they form their lips to sound out just one litte word. Our little William has been a character since birth and has continued to build his "character" as we like to call it over the past 22 months. He is finally coming around to making sentences but short ones. As his mother I just have to say that he gets his point across by using just two simple words. He is so smart! ;) For example, No Ruby...No Bubba...No chicks...etc. But my all time favorite sentence yet was from this morning. It was apparently a glorious moment for Will. He stood back gazing at the fridge as I slowly opened it. There...on the second shelf stood his milk waiting in his beautiful sippy cup. (This has to be what he was thinking.) The minute I picked up the cup and turned to look at him he yelled as loud as he could while motioning his hand in a fist downward, "YEAH BABY!!!!" If that's all that it takes we are in good shape. Oh man, I love that kid!


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