Thursday, September 8, 2011

Boys and Baseball

Well, we have been waiting for Fall baseball for 3 months now and it is finally here! Grae moved up to the 8U division (coach pitch) and couldn't be more excited about it. The recent cool front that has blown in has only fueled the fire more and between school and practice we are living in our front yard that can always be spotted from a mile away. Covered in baseballs, helmets and of course BASES! This is no surprise to anyone that knows Will. We can hardly make a quick run to the store without him gearing up in full baseball gear just in case a field is on the way. Will is starting in the 4U mini T-ball league this year. He is 3 and is on a team with some of his best friends! (Nathan Walters, Drew Haynes and Cooper Cumba) We had our first practice a week ago and when practice was over and the coach told them they could all go play on the playground Will looked straight up at his daddy. He had this look of horror and said as he began to cry..."I don't want to be done with baseball!" So the obsession continues....I will be typing up the game schedules soon for the both of them and will get them emailed! They would welcome a cheering section! :)

Will throwing "The HEATER"


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A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

He is so precious! It cracks me up how much he loves baseball at such a young age! I'll be waiting for that schedule - we would love to come see them play when we can!