Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sweet PaPaw

Sweet pawpaw and my Gramma came over for dinner the other night. Grae could not get enough of Gramma and would have liked to make her a home in his closet. I am pretty sure he told her she could have the top bunk if she wanted it. My dad looks great and feels awesome! God has been so good to him and to us. He has allowed us more years with our precious pawpaw! I really couldn't imagine life without him and his sweet smile!

Love you daddy!



Mrs. A said...

I've got a couple of really cute pics of Will, here's the link to them:

Mrs. A said...

Here's a link to the one you liked:

Michael and Elizabeth Sullivan said...

The pics of the kids with PaPaw are priceless. I am so glad you enjoy your Dad & that he is still around to make memories with your sweet family. Great Daddies make even better Grandaddies. Too fun!