Thursday, September 25, 2008

Words of Wisdom by Grae Webb #1

Grae: Mom, last night I got scared.
Me: Of what?
Grae: of the piggies
Me: The piggies just come around to eat the grass. They won't hurt you.
Grae: but the piggies came in a rocket ship and landed in my room. Last night...
Me: Really?
Grae: Uh, huh. Last night they did.
Grae: Mom, can I shoot them and make piggie soup?

Ok...Grae has a really big imagination. He always keeps me entertained! I am pretty sure Landon got himself a hunting partner. By the way "last night" doesn't really mean last night. It could be last week, a month ago...or just plain never happened.
And yes...we actually do have about 30 wild hogs that bless us with their presence on a daily basis.


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