Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cookies with Mimi

Our sweet and precious Mimi came over to bake cookies with Grae for his class this week. What a fun time and great memory! When our Mimi makes cookies they are not just any cookies...they are the REAL deal! Grae was so proud to take them to his friends on Monday! When he got home from Monday afternoon he said his friends liked the cookies but his teachers "really really" liked the cookies.

Thank you Mimi for just being who you are. Day in and day out you are always true to yourself. You are such a sweet example for my children and for me. What a blessing mom's are in general but to have a mom like you is so rare. Thank you being rare a bird! wink wink! :)


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amy said...

Too cute! I just found out today that my next door neighbor's little boy is in Grae's class! Anthony was so excited I knew Grae, and his mom told me that you always have such awesome snacks for everyone. I wasn't the least bit surprised!