Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The sweetest words I have ever heard...

Tonight, after the boys took their bath and got their pajama's on we all sat in our bedroom floor to talk and wind down for bed. As I was making a fool of myself to Will, Grae looked at me and said..............
Grae: Mom, you're mine right?
Me: Of course I am yours! I will always be your mommy.
Grae: I am glad you are mine. And Daddy is mine and Baby Will is mine. They will always be mine too, right?
Me: Yes, always
Grae: Mom, I love you as big as the star.
Me: I love you as big as the moon.
Grae: That's big mom

It is conversations like this that I wish I could record into my memory for the years to come. While Grae has already begun to wipe off my kisses and roll his eyes when I am "not cool" I know I am his one and only mom. That is so big when you think about being someone's one and only. As sappy as this sounds I know I will be thankful later on that I recorded such sweet words from my 3 yr old.

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