Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Words of Wisdom by Grae Webb #2

Grae: Mom, thanks for my dinner. I like corn.
Me: You are very welcome...go sit down at the table.
Grae:, dad are you coming? We have to throw the prayer. (meaning: say the prayer)
Grae: Everybody be quiet and hold hands. I will throw the prayer.
Thank you God for the food and for Ruby. (our dog) Thank you for mommy and daddy and baby Will. Thank you for my friends and for time out at school. Thank you for the new fireplace and for Fran-risco. (Fransciso is the worker that rocked our new gas fireplace. Him and Grae became buddies) Thanks you for God and Jesus...God and Jesus...God and Jesus. AMEN!

Saying the prayer before dinner is the highlight of my evening. I never know what is going to be on Grae's heart each night. I love it!


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