Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Words of Wisdom by Grae Webb #3

Landon and Grae go on a walk EVERYDAY to the back of our property. I can't remember the last day they missed their walk together. Landon always calls for Grae at the front door and Grae comes running cause he knows what time it is. We keep his rubber boots by the front door and Grae throws them on as quickly as possible always scared Landon will go without him. (Although Landon has never left him before?) Anyways, they went on their daily walk Sunday night and when they got back checking the deer feeder Grae told me something so cute!!

Grae: Mom! Mom! Loooook!
Me: What!?!
Grae: I have this corn from the feeder and I am going to plant it in the ground.
Me: Really? And....
Grae: I will cover it with dirt, pat on it and water it. Then the sun will come out and it will grow grow grow real big.
Me: Wow Grae, that's right! It will!
Grae: Yea, and then I will pick raisens off of it.

Where raisens came from I am not sure? :)


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