Thursday, October 9, 2008

Words of Wisdom by Grae Webb #4

We recently had a new fireplace put in our living room. Grae has already begun to imagine all the fun things we can do with the fireplace. Out of everything he has said this is my favorite!

Grae: Mom, will you buy me an arrowbow? (Bow and Arrow)
Me: Sure, but remember it will be apart of your Halloween costume as the hunter.
Grae: Ok...but will you get it for me now?
Me: Next time we go to the store I will get it for you.
Grae: Ok...well we need to hurry because I need to shoot some piggies and make piggie soup in our new fireplace.

His plans are apparently WAY bigger than mine. :) *Just a side note: We have about 30 wild hogs that roam our property on a daily basis. Landon found his best hunting buddy in Grae. :)


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