Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Coufal Christmas Eve

We had several Christmas events and loved them all! Our first Christmas was at my parents house (mimi and papaw). We have celebrated on Christmas Eve every year since I was born. I am so blessed to still be able to do that even after getting married. Now with our 2 boys my mom and dad have 7 grandchildren. It makes for a very exciting evening! This year we decided to only do gifts for the kids and came up with a fun game for the adults. So, when it came time for the kids to unwrap their goodies they gathered around in a circle as we piled presents around them. That is probably the most fun part! Watching their faces light up and seeing the anticipation of what is to come is so sweet. Once all the presents had been passed out my brother told all of the kids that this year they were going to take turns opening one present at a time around in a circle. The ages of the kids range from 3yrs to 11 yrs old (not including Will) so I was wondering how that was going to work out. The fun began and Grae was last to open his very first present. You know...we all have those proud moments as mom's when our children make a really good choice or when they do something so precious without you even saying a word? Well, this was one of those moments. Grae waited patiently...never whining or asking when it was his turn. He was genuinely excited to see his cousins open their presents. I was so proud of him. Such a sweet boy. After the kids opened their presents we went for a hay ride around Pecan with hot apple cider to look at Christmas lights. (Thanks Josh for the hay!!) We were pretty cold and after we sang all the Christmas songs we could think of we rushed back to the house. (Yes, I realize this is a tad cheesy but this is what we do...AND I love it!!) Once we got back to the house we sat the kids down in front of Kung Fu Panda and had a little bit of adult time. We all brought a jar full of something fun. We each had the total count in an envelope taped to the bottom of each jar. We all made our guesses and then revealed the winners. We were then each able to pick a jar to take home and enjoy! Although I was pulling for the jar my sis brought full of stuff to make Smores...I ended up with a really sweet jar that my dad brought that had the word Hope on the front of it full of chocolate! We had a great time. Such wonderful memories!



Jaime said...

Strange question...but do I know you from Brenham growing up?

Sarah said...

I lived in brenham only during my high scoop years and then moved the day I graduated high school for college. :) look me up on facebook!