Friday, December 19, 2008

Polar Express Train Ride!

Will in his matching pirate pj's

Getting his ticket punched

Grae and the Conductor

We bought tickets a month in advance and couldn't wait for the Polar Express Train Ride in Grapevine, Texas. Grae was especially excited to get to ride the big train...his own words were...Is it bigger than the train at the bounce house place? He was pleasantly surprised! We got there a little too early so we had to entertain a little to pass time but we finally got on the train. While Grae thought it was a lot of fun...Landon and I were not that impressed. BUT...all that really mattered was that Grae loved it! Although we did get a few good laughs as the "lady train monitor" yelled over the speaker thru out the ENTIRE train ride..."Get out of the aisle, Everybody better start singing, and our personal favorite..."Those of you talking during the story reading are ruining it for everyone!!" (You have to also imagine those comments being said in an old raspy voice.) Not sure how she got that job but apparently the Train Depot was short in applications for that job. All that to say, it was a good memory for Grae and Will and we got some really adorable pictures!


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