Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I never knew Candy Land would be the answer...

Grae and Will have recently perfected their skills of irritating one another. So, this past weekend after many...."Mom, he blah blah blah" Landon and I decided that before we would do anything fun they had to figure out how to have fun with just the two of them. We let them pick who's room they would play in but that they had to play together without fighting for 45 minutes before either of them could move on to anything else. We gave a few suggestions but told them that if we heard any fighting or arguing the 45 minutes would start over. Can I just say that this time was amazing. Not only for them but for me as well! There is an indescribable feeling that came over me with peace in our house. As I was soaking in the moment I peeked into Grae's room to find him teaching his little brother how to play Candy Land. He was so patient with him (Even though Will kept pretending to eat all of the Candy Land men) This is now the Saturday morning rule....Team Building at The Webb Household! :)

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